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Brave the sky-seas of...

A world of shattered islands, insectoid creatures,
and storms of eldritch energy

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Research, Gather, Craft and survive!


at your own risk

In Sentima: Sundered Wilds, a tabletop role-playing game for any number of players, your crew of insectoid explorers will struggle to survive as they travel the mutated, stormswept wildernesses of Sentima’s sky islands in their airship. Rich troves of treasure, eldritch energy, and valuable monster organs await you—but you’ll face deadly foes every step of the way.


is Surviving

Choose Your Tribe

From spiders and scorpions to mushrooms and coral, each of Sentima’s 12 tribes grants unique perks and professions that fit their approaches to survival, exploration, and combat. You’ll choose from tribes like...

The Ever-Changing


The storms of Sentima are abundant, unpredictable, and charged with eldritch Energy, infusing all that they sweep over with anomalous effects. The influences of these Energies have touched and twisted the evolution of every island’s flora and fauna.
As the Trail Guide, shape the tone of your story with color-coded adventures and tailored rulesets. Switch up the narrative and mechanical focus of the game by using red rules for combat, blue for horror, yellow for adventure, and green for survival.



Red is wild, ferocious, and aggressive. Where others hide, run, or cooperate, red charges ahead into battle. Creatures and plants sprout deadly mutations and pick fights wherever they can, storms boil seas and split the earth, and mechanized airships strip the land bare. Red tribes are the same – they're raiders, conquerors, and dictators who see violence as the answer to every question. Don’t try to reason with red, or it’ll be the last thing you do.



Blue is cunning, smart, and ruthless, always looking to get the most reward for the least risk. Beasts that rely on blue energy trick and trap their prey in horrifying ways. Blue storms turn the world upside down, affecting minds, energy itself, and even gravity. Blue tribes are just as twisted – they’re sharp, paranoid, and willing to do anything to get what they want. But however nasty they can be, other tribes will always rely on them for their brilliant inventions.



Yellow is understanding, cooperative, and wise. These creatures and tribes see working together as the best way to survive the dangers of Sentima. They’d rather avoid conflict when they can, but when push comes to shove, their incredible insight makes them great fighters. Yellow tribes are artists, leaders, and tacticians who are always ready to talk – but they’re not stupid. They have an almost supernatural ability to see through lies, negotiate, and plan.



Green is tough, huge, and hungry. Instead of struggling against the land around it, green works with it. These creatures mutate, grow, and spread to survive, no matter how harsh their environment – and they’ll run over anything in their way. Green tribes are no different. They’re tough-as-nails healers, biologists, and warriors in harmony with the life and energy of their home, always finding new ways to come out on top of the food chain.


D&D 5e Monster Manual

Bring the strange and terrifying creatures of Sentima into Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition with this fully illustrated bestiary. The Sentima Monster Manual includes…

  • 50 of Sentima’s mutated monsters.

  • Full statblocks – everything you need to run these beasts in 5E.

  • Unique actions based on each monster’s signature attacks.

  • Special items dropped by each creature.

  • And art of every last enemy!

Meet Our Team

The amazing people behind the game’s system, lore, and art.

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