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Get to Know the People Behind Sentima

Pawel Tarka

Game Manager & Designer

I’m a game system designer, writer, frequent game master and a trail guide. I’m guilty of being involved in almost every aspect of Sentima, both as a manager and a contributor. I wanted to create a game that I myself would be happy to host for my friends, full of dynamic encounters, terrifying monsters and interesting locations – and I can already say, that thanks to our amazing team, this unreal goal is done and done. Enjoy the trail – and good luck!

Agata Szarmacher

Head Writer

Lawyer by day, writer by night… Just kidding! I’m a writer and a big fan of games, especially TTRPG. I focus on horror and mystery stories, so I smuggled some of it to Sentima. It’s a real pleasure to share with you this opportunity to face the terrifying behemoths stalking through the shattered islands – happy hunting!

Bartłomiej “Bart”

Game Designer

I’m a game designer with experience in all sorts of games and gigs. My job in Sentima is to make sure the numbers add up, screws are tight and your energy rifles won’t jam the moment the behemoth shows up.

Tymoteusz “Kemvaar” Grabowski


I am a freelancer focusing mainly on fantasy illustrations. Board games, TTRPGs, video games, I love them all. For the record if you ever see me, I’m not a Nosferatu! I just have a bad tendency to stay up late at night, painting and surviving on nothing but copious amounts of coffee 😉

Helena Elmnäinen


I’m a linguist and a writer who loves lore and tragedies, and the players of my TTRPG games can always expect a solid chunk of both. I had so much fun writing these themes into Sentima as well, and I hope you will enjoy all the mysteries I hid on the islands for you.

Thomas Praisner

Writer & Editor

I’m a content writer who enjoys work in fiction, editing, and game design on the side. Writing for Sentima was an amazing experience, and I can’t wait for you to dive into the strange and dangerous world waiting for you in these pages.

Rakotoh Fano


I’m a freelancer specializing in conceptual environments and I do illustrations for games, board games, TTRPGs and animations. My job is to scare you and you will feel that atmosphere of fear in Sentima, a nightmare feeling mouahahaha >:)

Oleh Rotar


I am a mostly freelance character concept artist, creating some spooky creatures for Sentima world.



Hi, I'm Walter, a freelance illustrator. With my enchanted tools, I bring ideas to life, create new worlds, and make characters jump off the page. When I'm not drawing, I explore art and rejoice with the work of fellow artists. Let me use my skills to make your dreams a reality. The canvas is limitless

Elena Marenitch

Company Owner

As an avid game fanatic i’ve always wanted to jump the corporate fence and create a space for true creativity and imagination to flourish. In practicality I answer emails and repackage Yubi’s “legally acquired” Loot.

Yubi ventures You Explore

As many adventures as I have been on, i’ve cultivated a good eye for amazing loot. But one “man” can only carry so much, so we are inviting any and all brave adventurers to join in on the inevitable exploration

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