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Welcome the world of

Sundered Wilds

A world filled with shattered islands, Insectoid creatures and Energy infused storms

Sentima is an unforgiving world,Filled with bizzare beauty and hostile wildlife.


at your own risk

In the years since the Cataclysm, life has spread to cover every inch of the floating chunks of earth that remain of the surface. Each island and its creatures have been twisted and mutated by the strange energies that fill the storms of the open sky.


IS Surviving

Scattered cultures developed various technologies to cope with the harsh conditions of their respective territories.

All of these cultures strive to invent special devices that can warp the rules of physics and logic.

These inventions are fueled by the energy extracted from the winds and their material residue, which has tremendous potential.



The storms of Sentima are abundant, unpredictable, and charged with eldritch Energy, infusing all that they sweep over with anomalous effects. The influences of these Energies have touched and twisted the evolution of every island’s flora and fauna.


Red is wild, ferocious, and aggressive. Where others hide, run, or cooperate, red charges ahead into battle


Blue is cunning, smart, and ruthless, always looking to get the most reward for the least risk.


Green is tough, huge, and hungry. Instead of struggling against the land around it, green works with it.


Yellow is understanding, cooperative, and wise.

Meet Our Team

The amazing people behind the Game system, Lore and Illustrations

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